About Direct Sales

Direct selling is a method of marketing and retailing goods and services directly to the consumers, in their homes or in any other location away from permanent retail premises. It is usually conducted in a face-to-face manner – either where products are demonstrated to an individual, or to a group or where a catalogue is left with the consumer and where the direct seller call as later to collect orders.

Many direct selling companies, both person-to-person and party plan, are now organized on multilevel principles. This is where direct sellers are given the opportunity, in addition to the rewards from making personal sales, to build their own sales teams. In doing so, they are able to receive additional rewards that come from the sales achieved by those they have recruited trained, helped and motivated.

BUT is founded having above mentioned attitude in 2012 to link the nature with its clients’ daily life covering plans and products suggested by Baadraan Company in the field of healthcare, health general and specialized care for children, adolescents, and adults, and also in services like beauty and fashion.

Direct selling is now firmly established as a recognized channel of retail distribution around the world, with many multinational companies operating in over 170 international markets. In 2012, worldwide direct sales were estimated at more than $167 billion a year and provide earnings opportunities to over 91.5 million direct sellers