This is Baadraan

About Baadraan Network Marketing Co.

Baadraan Network Co. started in 2019 in Georgia, Tbilisi having long-time experience in Direct Selling industry in neighborhood countries.

Baadraan Network Marketing Co. uses MLM to distribute its wide range products including cosmetics, healthcare, Herbal drinks, beauty, leather, socks, and also chose a kind of bilateral interaction between human being and the nature as its agenda being inspired from Baadraan philosophy based on respect for nature purity. Due to the principles of Baadraan Network Marketing Co., we are using clean energy and provide related products, comply our global commitment to maintaining a clean and healthy nature from one hand, and on the other hand, we exploit the nature, healthy products, and are responsible to ensure community’s health. The bilateral relationship between the human and the nature provides us the opportunity - maintaining the environment- the exploitation of benefits and enjoyment of everything in nature for our body and soul.

Today, Baadraan Network Marketing Co. brand is a symbol of nature which is formed on the basis of human’s respect for the pristine beautiful nature to respond to your demands to receive the best natural heath-ensuring suggestions. Baadraan Network Marketing Co. has provided you a full collection of natural products required for the families with the best quality and the most effective results for your skin, hair, and health and also it has provided you with the best and the most professional consultation which will make you sure to choose the right product for your health and beauty, and make you free of other confusing propaganda.